V.I. Lenin famously wrote that, “Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.” However, such a revolutionary theory adept at solving the theoretical problems faced by the contemporary revolutionary left has been largely unforthcoming or unavailable. Additionally, due to a prevalent Eurocentrism in North American and European radical traditions, books by or about Third World revolutionaries and their movements remain often unheeded and dismissed.

Ignorance of these movements, their sub-movements, and their organic intellectual production has not been entirely willful as the capacity to translate, publish and distribute such materials in English has remained limited. Thus, these movements’ voices and experiences remain largely unknown to revolutionaries around the world. The Kalikot Book Series, a series published by the radical press Kersplebedeb, aims to fill that gap through translating, compiling and publishing books that have been previously unavailable to North American and European audiences.

This book series hopes to publish the work of theoreticians and activists from around the world, not only the Third World, who advocate a wide variety of marginalized revolutionary politics. These are books that seek to serve as interventions into numerous complicated problems faced by the contemporary revolutionary left and to not only educate, but to help forge a revolutionary movement capable of the tasks before it.

On the name of the series: Kalikot is a district in North-Eastern Nepal and is one of the most remote districts in the country. It played a vital role in the people’s war in Nepal. Whereas much attention has been given to the development of the revolutionary movement in Rolpa and Rukum, Kalikot remains ignored and forgotten in both Nepalese and international political imaginaries.

Kersplebedeb is a nonsectarian project with a focus on anti-patriarchal and anti-imperialist politics, framed within an anti-capitalist perspective, which is friendly though separate from the Kalikot Book Series, whose politics should not be assumed to be coterminous.